Friday, 31 December 2010

Last Post

Last post of the year.
Its about 8.30 and usually I would have headed into town to watch the 9pm fireworks with my daughter but I just cannot be bothered this time around.
I have farewelled my big girl who left for Melbourne this afternoon and should be enjoying a private party at the Docklands right now.
I am enjoying a quiet night in front of the tv out of the heat and noise.
Medicated to avoid an on coming headache picked up  from a trip to the plaza this morning and the frenetic energies that were there.
I always know when I am heading down the road of a major painful expereince because I cannot stand any noise..
so I will be sitting here watching the fireworks ( on tv ) and then we have a movie to get through...very not exciting, I know.
But...I am very grateful for health and relative happiness within my family and thinking about my mum who fades in and out and is probably living through probably her last new year.
Therefore all of MY ideosyncratic manifestations seem trivial and banal..... bring on the new year.

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