Thursday, 16 December 2010

Looking forward to our Solstice Party!

Wow...its the end of the year for us - 40 weeks of being open. Our first year of business finished!
To tell you the truth it has flown past. Even though our doors will be closed on Monday we still have one evening class and a full moon to organise as well as a few coffees, lunches and a hand ful of meetings to attend next much for a quiet end to the year!
We have had a marvelous time and explored many areas of growth.I think that we have now come to some conclusions as to what pursue and what to leave alone right now.
We are hoping for more participants in the new year but these things grow slowly - something that has to be earned is trust and that is not easily given in the spirituality business.
Having a bad name can come very quickly sometimes from the most unexpected directions.
I am looking forward to 2011.
We will be concentrating on our Ancient Wisdom classes, reiki, healings and readings.
Also there will be some new workshops and extra classes by guest presenters as well as our full moons and sabbat classes. We will be introducing working with the dark of the moon.
Another full year ahead...come and join us.
A special thank you to our supporters - we have cherished your input and your smiling faces.
We hope that you have a most wonderful Christmas and New Year and that we meet again soon.

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  1. yes next yer will be a good year i can feel it in my water works,and goo luck for it as well,hmm dark moon sounds interesting,blessed bee,xxxbee