Monday, 27 December 2010

Phew ..its over

Over for another year.
Christmas that is.
Did you get some cool stuff?
Did you spend time with those you love?
Did you give of yourself to others less fortunate?
Did you overeat or overdrink?
Did you tell a family member that you only see once a year what you really think of them?
Were you kept up for hours on end by the party happening next door?
Have you got a load of gifts that you dont want and dont need?
Are you still eating Christmas dinner and probably will for the next few days to come?
Are you still talking to your overindulged and disrespectful teenage children?
Are you waiting for your visiting relatives to finally go home ( "its over folks...get the hint!!!")
Have you been shopping already for the "essentials"...a new designer bag, shoes, perfume?
Do you have to get up and face the hordes of screaming shoppers at the sales today?
Good luck with that....
we HAVE survived!!

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