Monday 13 December 2010

So close to Christmas I can smell it!

Its been a big year of changes and adjustments. Not only for myself, but my family and for many friends who have felt displaced and even left behind in the wake of the wave that is "owning your own business".

I have a new found respect for all of those that battle the highs and lows of business ownership. But to also have the mental stress of rejection of friends and family because they are no longer "number one"or as important as the new project can be cruel.
I understand their pain on both sides - in many cases for the new business owner  all they have done is to have just bought themselves a job  (as my friend told me today.)
Thats going to great lengths to make sure you stay off the dole - In many cases your life and all of your money is on the line. You have probably got to deal with working 70 hours a week, sleepless nights of constant worry about how you will pay the bills, getting a huge business loan and being disowned by family and friends for becoming a party pooper and not "fun"anymore.
Heaven help you becoming successful! Then the shit really hits the fan and you learn who your friends are..but its a learning process and business owners tend to find other business owners to buddy up with cause its only others in the same positions that can really understand.
Its so close to Christmas I can smell the joy of time off and rest just around the corner.
Next year will be very exciting with lots of new projects on the boil and ready to be birthed early in 2011.
I offer everyone to come along and enjoy the ride. I intend to.
If I have forgotten you along the way...No, I havent.I have just become increadibly busy. Please understand.
I do wish you a most wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Be happy...choose to live your life to your fullest potential - there is enough out there for everyone..there really is.


  1. Wow! Didn't know Sacred Elements had a blog! Awesome. RSS! BTW, if you love books check out I'm SO addicted to it, I check it every day.

    Hoping to be at the Summer Solstice gig this Sunday, but not certain yet. Shall introduce myself if I make it.

  2. Wonderful Joe - it will be a small turnout - people have over committed themselves and have to be in three places at once.You are very welcome to join us!Renata