Monday 6 December 2010

Tall Poppies hacked with sheer delight!

It seems to be a bit of a sport to some people to trash others who stand a little taller than the rest, or have the 'audacity' to promote, sell or teach in the "spiritual" business ( mmmm,...yes how dare they indeed!). In the span of only 48 hours I have heard two of the most prominant women "in the business" speak of how they are constantly harrassed and degraded by others who chose to demoralize these wonderful ladies for following their passion, sharing their knowledge and shining a light on the way forward.
This is really, really hard for me to understand.
You know, there is enough success out there for anybody that would like some...really there is.
So if someone else is working hard to have a go why not congratulate them, cause they have put in the hard yards and probably had to eat a fair few "shit sandwiches" as I heard one of these ladies say, to get to where they currently are.
But there are those who choose to go the other way - they themselves may not have the need nor the desire to be putting themselves on the line, but they also do not want anyone else to either..
In some self serving way they feel a need to ridicule, fling mud and spread gossip must make them feel better about surely must, because there is no other logical reason for this insane behaviour.
I know that all of us can feel pangs of jealousy at times when others look like they are having fun "working" or have achieved some sort of status ( whatever that may be, or mean, to you personally ) thats only human...
but that should actually act as a motivator for all of us to do the work we need to do to go forward ourselves,
to ask ourselves..."well, what else can I do?"
Not a pretty picture...not very respectful of others and not very spiritual.
I would like to follow the words written on my blog that stated "what people think of me is really none of my business..." but I also personally know that when you give your heart to a project or a vision ( sensibly ) that harsh, vindictive words can sometimes inflict the greatest of injuries.
I send these ladies my best wishes for grest success in 2011.
And, oh by the way, just warning you...............I am also going to be trying my darndest to be successful in 2011 myself...if you have a problem with that...then its none of my business..............

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