Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

So the new year has started and we are being bombarded with how we are all fat and stupid.
How we should stop smoking, overeating, overspending and not trust the banks, or the retailers or your next door neighbour.
Makes you want to sing from the mountain tops doesnt it!

We have seen how half our Queensland is covered in water from floods, how we are losing young people in stupid car accidents and how innocent bystanders are being bashed and robbed while waiting for a train.

Ah yes...and we are the smart ones on the evolutionary highway arent we!

Japan has started whaling and someone is going to start a war, just because thay have all of these fun toys and are dying to try them out.
China is making every single item that we can think of to buy and all of our food is being pumped with shit that is going to make us eventually die in a very disgusting way.

Ah but wait..WE are the smart ones in the evolutionary chain...

We are more interested in who slept with who and if they look fatter now then they did a year ago or whether they have had botox or who has a fat pimple on their arse........ and why is that young blonde girl marrying Hugh Heffner anyway...

We die and take our vital organs with us to a coffin in the ground when we no longer are in need of them  while others lie in wait ..and their family sits and watches.

We throw out really good useful stuff because we dont like the colour anymore or there is a newer model out this year and we then spend our entire healthy  lives working very hard to pay for all the junk we have collected.
Then we get told at about 50 that we are old and stupid and that we are a bother and should be put into a home where we can go die quietly and not bother our families...
So lets just stop for a moment and think whether all of this is right.
yes...when did we stop noticing what was happening around us?


  1. This is the most truthful thing I have read in months , this has made me think ,,, thank you Vicki xxxx

  2. you're very welcome!