Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hard start to the year for many

It has been a hard start for so many ....only a heartbeat into the new year and hundreds of Queenslanders have lost everything that they own, then we heard of a horrific accident near Raymond Terrace where two beautiful young girls lost their lives and on a personal note, I know that my mum will not see the year out. Her time is coming to an end and she has given up the fight.
No matter what I may have thought that she did or did not do for me as I was growing up - I always remember her as a fighter and this aspect of her in now gone.
She is tired and weary of it all - her body no longer functions and she has an enormous sadness in her eyes.

Every visit I take to the nursing home I watch all of the patients of the nursing home wing slowly deteriorate more and more...a year ago there were only two in beds and now there are six. The poor lady doing the exercises will be doing them by herself shortly as only three or four of the elderly have the muscles left to catch the ball that she throws to them.
So I leave, yet again, thinking how can I live more of my life?
What can I do more fully?

I magine the heartache of going through a sodden smelly house looking for lost treasures that have been squirreled away for years ( as we all do ) and think what it would be like to have one's identity simply washed away.

I am so grateful for all of those wonderful people who have given of themselves top help thie victims of the floods - and to those who feel it is their right to steal, thieve and destroy and cause more heartache for their own benefit should let the "mob" deal with them.....sometimes the legal justice system is a "pussy"......
I wish them all strength and hope and I wish my mum a swift journey home....

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  1. i wish for your mum, peace,blessed be,xxxxxx bee