Sunday 30 January 2011

The price of apples..

Some things in life are taken as a going to the supermarket and seeing apples on the shelf. Beautiful, glossy, perfect apples and not one variety, but many, and not just from Australia but now from different countries too.
What we have forgotten is that fruit and vegetables are seasonal - they are not available all year long.
We are so removed from the process ( farms and farmers are somwhere out in the never never ) that most people just are not aware that there are planting times, growing times and picking times and that different fruits and veges grow at different times of the year.
We just go in to the shops and freak out when we can no longer give our child an apple in their lunch box for school - so we demand them, this makes supermarkets want to supply them, so they buy in bulk and store them, often for many months so that these precious fruits can be available well after their normal time.

So then it becomes a vicious circle. You want - the supermarkets get. And you also demand perfect spots, no bumps and all the same perfect colour.

The worst thing is that the apples that most supermarkets are now selling are months old - so why are we paying over inflated prices under the pretence that it is "all because of the flood?".
If you dont like to price of apples, go buy bananas or oranges.

Personally I think that we have it way to easy in Australia ( compared to many other countries in the world ). We have isles in supermarkets that are obnoxiously long, and getting longer just to give us even more "choices" with shopping trolleys large enough to be able to house a small third world family.
We have umpteen different types of bread and milk and a bzillion types of frozen foods of every shape, style and colour. What for God's sake are we complaining about?
That this week you couldn't buy an apple? 

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