Sunday 23 January 2011


I was listening to an interview on tv this morning and Rob Schnieder ( comedian ) made the above statement.
It made me stop and think about what he had said.
Indeed sometimes you do have to do something that makes you shit scared. You sometimes have to test yourself, your skills and your personal boundaries.
As scary as it might be, it may also make you feel very alive.
A life not experienced fully is a downright shame....
Also some days you just have to do something totally outrageous - especially when you face your own mortality and know that, sooner or may be standing at the doorway of your own passing wondering what in the hell was my life all about anyway.
The fact that we will all die, often makes us find a way to joke it off, laugh about it because the thought of it can be quite terrifying - that all of this will actually STOP.
Not like you can change your mind and go..oh dying was not what I thought it would be can I come back now?
Well no you cant.....not so you can remember anyway...
but watching my mum be in "suspended animation" in limbo and between the worlds has been an introspective process for me...helping me to realise that I have nothing to lose by working out what it is that I want for myself and by just doing it now!!!!!

People who know me would regard me as kind of well.....conservative....often in a very boring way. But I do have my moments. Today I had one of those moments.
I talked my hubby into something totally outrageous yet terribly wonderful and its was such fun. Somewhat of a legacy I can leave to my children and a moment in time that will help me remember my mum when she has long gone to a better place.
Life is full of little opportunities.. use them well.

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