Saturday 5 February 2011

Its so hot!

I know we have hot and humid weather every summer, but this year seems a doozey...a week of almost 40 degrees can make you feel frazzled and ill tempered.
I was hanging out the washing a few minutes ago thinking of the early settlers to Australia  some 200 years back, and the women putting up with washing clothes by hand and then pegging out on lines in the heat in far less civilised conditions than I am enduring.
I get to walk back into air conditioning with a fridge full of icy cold drinks. Imagine those long dresses and corsets even, dusty floors inside your slab hut and churning your own butter and baking your own bread, gutting the freshly killed chicken while whacking the snake that just came in the hole in the side of the wall with a bit of gum tree and watching for ticks and fleas while boiling the billy for a decent cup of tea.
Just imagine that.............
Mmmm... Thanks to those that came before..I'll be content with what I have right now ..

I had a dream last night - mum had come to tell me she was going on a long trip and that she was leaving this Tuesday.
We plan to go to Sydney tomorrow to visit her - its been so hot that its just too uncomforatble to sit in the car for such long trips.Hoping it is slightly cooler.

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