Saturday, 26 February 2011

Time passes slowly

Its been a week today since mum passed and three weeks since we lost our little puppy. Time has somewhat slowed down, the days seem to have dragged as if to extend the amount of time that grieving can occur.
My big girl arrived from Melbourne for a few days and added some support and we went through the whole funeral thing on Thursday. Yes...not a big fan of the whole funeral thing.
But it was a very quiet lovely ceremony and the local parish priest made it a personalised, humble and gentle process.
I know mum would have preferred dancing girls, fireworks, bells and whistles...instead she got close family and short and sweet...oh well mum..I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Now I am left to get back into it..part of me doesnt want to.Yet.
I just would like to sit in the house for a few weeks and not speak to too many people at all - but the other part of me says I have a business to attend to and things that are booked in to be done.
So life goes on.
Always an event or, in my case, a series f events like this leave me questioning and contemplating my own issues about where I am at and what I am doing..
I mean nothing that has happened has been out of the has all been part of life ..I cant complain.
I just have to go through it, but the last few years have been very "challenging" lets just use that word..and I would like to rest now.
Thanks, but no more lessons for a while please.

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