Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blessings to a beautiful Faerie!

A lovely lady I know is leading a very complicated life.
She is a featherweight whisp of a thing yet has been dealt some extreme circumstances - so very unfair for one person to go through.
Now on top of all else she must contend with cancer - treatment, hospitalisation and surgery as well as the need for support, love and understanding.
None of us knows how we would go through such things until it becomes out time to do so.
I know that this particular lady will rise to the challange because even though her life has been tough, she would never think of backing down.
She remains in my prayers and thoughts and I wish her swift recovery and strength in beating this f**ker down to hell.
Keep an eye out in the sky this weekend for a most beautiful moon as it comes in nice and close to Mother Earth. I am lucky enough to be in Junee at Mont Christo on a ghost hunting trip.


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