Monday, 7 March 2011

Its all about perspective.

Hearing yet again after such a long time how much of a heartless b***h I had been in a situation that happened a long time ago in a distant land, far far away allows me to reflect on the topic of perspective.
Now, its those people's perspective that were involved in the fracas that I had wronged them - thats how they saw the situation. Ok.
But from my perspective I did what I needed to do - they had wronged me.
  - so, therefore who is right?

Depends on how many friends or family you have defending your status, I guess - or who has the loudest voice or the most friends on facebook!
The facts you say?
What about the facts?
Oh who cares about the will still depend on perspective.
In a car accident ten witnesses will all see something different.
That's a fact.

I was watching 60 Minutes about the young girl in the centre of the current AFL scandal.
She is only 17 - a mere baby, but boy, has she caused some commotion with HER perspective.
None of us knows the full story - as well we know tv will filter out the truth and present mostly what will get them the most viewers and people love a scandal.
Now from my point of view she got herself into a situation where the adults around her should have known better but that does not excuse everything. From her point of view she feels that she has done little wrong and continues to do little wrong in her continued defence and appearnace on tv with even more stories that frankly we should not be encouraging or be made aware of.
We havent gotten far from the old town square scenario where the local villan would be led into the Square and put in the stocks so that people could throw rotten cabbage at his head...
Mmmm....havent we all moved ahead!

Each person in this whole mess will have a different perspective of right and wrong.
So, I go back to my little past flashback - I learnt many valuable lessons from my errors in judgment - the best teacher of all.
My perpective on past event shas not changed.
People need to move on.
I wish I could have seen it coming - no actually I did see it coming but I made the wrong choices in trying to fix things, but then as in many of life's situations, even since then, some things are not meant to be seen or stopped but to be lived through whether you like it or not.