Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The traumas of Japan

Japan is going through hell. The visions of the last few days have been forever embedded into our psyche by continual streaming of events as they unfolded.
As much as I did not want to watch - I did.
I visited Japan last year for the very first time. It is a country of great beauty and the people are amazing. I loved every minute of being there - a gracious and respectful place to be.
Even during this trying time reports, in the thick of it, tell of how in the supermarkets people are only buying enough and leaving food for others. Even homeless people are offering bits of cardboard to strangers so that they can be warm.
Imagine whole townships destroyed...where would you start?
There is nothing to go back to.
Our Earth is flexing her muscles, bending , stretching growing and shrinking.
We are all on a living planet - is it finally sinking in or not?
We need to learn to live within her boundaries not OUR boundaries because she couldnt give a stuff about what we think is right.
Its time we decided that our Earth is one global village - we are way beyond small separate communities - we have spread all over the globe covering it with humanity. Our biggest lesson is now to learn to live together and extend a helping hand when it is needed.
For what is happening to Japan, Christchurch, Queensland effects us all.

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