Tuesday 5 April 2011

You know when you get that feeling..

That something is just not going to work out right?
Well this is what happened to me this week. I should have just trusted my instincts.
I dont do private readings in people's homes anymore just for this reason.
I really never know what I might be getting myself into - now, most people are fine but then sometimes you are entering into unchartered territory and you should be backing out as quickly as you walked in. dont like to dissapoint.
My booking was for a small group of four - it was going to be quick 15 min readings.
In and out in about an hour.
But the moment I entered the ROOM that had 15 working clocks of all shapes and sizes, and a tutankhamun's treasure chest collection of artefacts collected from a thousand years worth of garage sales I knew I should not go on.
But, I had committed - come on girl, hold it together!!!
So I sat down and asked the first person to come in.
Then they started...the clocks...ding dong, bing bong, cukoo cukoo and a cacophony of various tunes and noises that went on for the next five minutes.
I ploughed on.
This first person decided that they really needed to offload - normal and usually ok, but not today and not in this house.
30 minutes later I was asking this person to finish...10 minutes after that they did.
Again the clocks, ticking, bing binging and bonging....little creatures, ornaments in every nook and cranny from floor to ceiling all staring at me, laughing at me...blinding me with their garishness and kitzch.
Person two - not happy I did not give them the lotto numbers and the secret combination to life.
I also finished too soon. Person three - oops the clocks were ringing out the hour by now so we sat in the din and waited for it to end. I lost my concentration.
Person Four - I had lost it totally - one of those readings where eveything was answered with a blank look and "thats not right"....
I give up.
Here is your money back.
Can I leave now.
Oh and by the way here is the name of a really good local psychic - next time it might be an idea to call them.
I hightailed it out of there in a flash and headed for the first available cappucino machine!
Just sometimes....its as clear as mud.

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