Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's a Jungle out there!

Some days I finish a round of psychic readings and feel as though I have been out in the war zone!
Life is complicated and people hold so many secrets and when you start scratching at the surface some of those secrets start to come to the top and begin to irritate those that have tried so hard to hide them!
So when I tell you that you will not be getting back with that person that you are truly "stalking"..and that you should leave that person alone...then dont get upset with me for telling you that!
What you are doing is unhealthy.
How many psychics do you need to see until one tells you what it is that you want to hear?
Is that the real reason you come to see one?
Why bother?
When you tell me that I am the fourth psychic you have seen in a month then I have to question your reasons.
This is not be being angry - rather, frustrated.
I can see a pattern that is unhealthy and that will lead to a journey down a path in life that will not prove positive.You have come to me for advice so I give it.
It is your choice not to listen.
Not to consider.
Thats cool.
I always tell people that in the end it is their life and their choice.
But sometimes, you dont have to be a psychic to see that something is going to turn into an epic fail!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Making changes again..

I am in the midst of making new changes in how I provide my services. Hopefully soon readings will be available via email with a simple click and order via this site. This will allow those that cannot come in an see me face to face another alternative.
Sometime life happens that creates a change that even tarot cards and greatest of psychic awareness will not prepare you for and then you have to just roll with the punches and move into your new space with calmness and resolve.
I have found the last few months very challenging with life offering up a "new deal".
I have had little choice but to agree and sign a new life contract, but I refuse to be halted in my attempts to move forward.
I always judge my life condition on that of others that I hear about and know about and every time I look at how my life is running I can only say that I have been very lucky and very blessed. You will always find someone whose suffering is far greater than yours - so suck it up princess, as the Aussies would say, and just get on with it.
When life offers you up lemons - sell them on gumtree and make a profit!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Intuitive Reading

This is a wonderful quote that I would love to pass on:
Some clarification from our President, Kim Forrester ( CIEMA - Sydney ): "An intuitive reading is a snapshot of the future, based on your current choices and intentions. It is like shining a torch forward on a dark path, and revealing what lies ahead in that particular direction. You have the power to change your future, simply by changing your mindset, intentions and choices. Remember you are Master of your own destiny, not a slave to a predestined future." Excellent advice, Kim!