Sunday 26 August 2012

Sometimes its not what you want to hear...

But what you need to hear and thats how psychic readings work.
I definitely dont have the winning lotto numbers for you and I wont be telling you that all is rosy and fine if its not going to be.
But sometimes people do come in wishing that everything a psychic is going to say is all roses and good and they are quite surprised when we offer warnings and recommendations to avoid certain circumstances.
Its like, well, I want you tel tell me what I want to hear but dont tell me what to do.
As a reader I dont tell people what to do - but I can tell them that if they proceed on their current path that there is a greater chance of outcome "A" rather than outcome "B". Then its up to you to make your own choices.
So I cant tell you your mothers name?
Or the date your brother was born?
Sorry, no I cant - but I can warn you about the pitfall you are going to find yourself stepping into if you dont see the "elephant in the room".
And yes...I do read tarot.
Thats how I do what I do and I know that the cards, for whatever personal reasons, do freak some people out. Thats fine, there are many people out there that promote themselves are psychics, all using different techniques, so you have a wonderful array of talents to choose from.
Choose wisely.
Good Luck!