Monday, 15 October 2012

Ah feeling better ..Hello Magician!

Now I am in the energy of the Magician I am feeling much better. I could even combat my own feelings that came with my first reading today with a lady who came in bristling and closed off but wanting me to jump through hoops. I had to stick to my guns even though her body language was distancing and she was refusing to hear what I was saying. I had to keep my focus clear and just keep going although she was shaking her head - so I chose to close my eyes and not look at her but look inside instead.
I got through.
And then a really nice thing happened.
I got a call from a gentlemen I had read for nine months ago who told me that he called to tell me that my reading had been spot on. He had left feeling that I had just told him a lot of crap and when it all started to unfold as I had told him he could believe it.
So he called to tell me that he was very grateful for my advice.
The Magician always tells me about balance - the inside with the outside.
Confidence in all that I do and belief in what I do.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

"The Fool"

I have been revisiting my tarot cards with a view to "sit" in the energy of the Major Arcana and allow each card to speak to me on a new and different level.
I begin in the "Fool" I have remained in this energy for about two weeks now.
I have tried to remain open to new inspiration, new adventures, new ideas and thoughts on how live my life.
I realize what a creature of habit I am.
I realize how difficult it is to change and to move from a known course into a new and alternate one.
I have hung on trying to venture into the "unknown"  but find that it is often hard - I know what I want to do but still hold on to old fears that can freeze me from moving forward.
The FOOL moves forward in blind faith at times just with passion and joy in his heart.
I need to practice this more - just to move in faith and joy rather than being critical and over cautious.
I have attended workshops, had a birthday, been open to new work, talked to new people, tried to break an old habit.
I have given the FOOL my best shot but now I think its time to move into the Magician.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Its seems that the air is talking to me...

Maybe because its of the amount of readings that I have been doing lately?
Maybe its because I strive to deliver my very best?
But I think its time to revisit my tarot cards and learn from scratch?
I think I will send myself on a journey and take time to delve more deeply again into my major arcane.
These to me were the hardest to learn and I have gone back to try and understand them time and time again.
Its like revealing another layer every time. They never stand still.
They are always evolving as I am.
They are in constant change and its time to go back and start at the very beginning.
Lets see where this journey takes me...

An eye opening week

I have currently been involved in a "living social" voucher campaign just to encourage my clients to come into my new office space at Wallsend.
I was not expecting to get so many takers for this campaign and have been trying to fit everyone in to these past two weeks when I have had the availability of extra time and space in the office that I share.
So its been "flat out" psychic reading and the diversity of problems facing average, normal people is astounding.
And, its always complicated and always so very different - no two people or their problems are the same.
I am so happy to also be able to finish off the reading with a mini chakra balance/ healing - just 10 minutes to unwind the stress of life and allow the body to regroup and recover.
It is a privilege to give people the space to just relax and I am always so amazed at the trust people place in the process.
I am hoping that everyone leaves feeling that I have offered them some assistance.