Monday, 15 October 2012

Ah feeling better ..Hello Magician!

Now I am in the energy of the Magician I am feeling much better. I could even combat my own feelings that came with my first reading today with a lady who came in bristling and closed off but wanting me to jump through hoops. I had to stick to my guns even though her body language was distancing and she was refusing to hear what I was saying. I had to keep my focus clear and just keep going although she was shaking her head - so I chose to close my eyes and not look at her but look inside instead.
I got through.
And then a really nice thing happened.
I got a call from a gentlemen I had read for nine months ago who told me that he called to tell me that my reading had been spot on. He had left feeling that I had just told him a lot of crap and when it all started to unfold as I had told him he could believe it.
So he called to tell me that he was very grateful for my advice.
The Magician always tells me about balance - the inside with the outside.
Confidence in all that I do and belief in what I do.


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