Monday 1 October 2012

An eye opening week

I have currently been involved in a "living social" voucher campaign just to encourage my clients to come into my new office space at Wallsend.
I was not expecting to get so many takers for this campaign and have been trying to fit everyone in to these past two weeks when I have had the availability of extra time and space in the office that I share.
So its been "flat out" psychic reading and the diversity of problems facing average, normal people is astounding.
And, its always complicated and always so very different - no two people or their problems are the same.
I am so happy to also be able to finish off the reading with a mini chakra balance/ healing - just 10 minutes to unwind the stress of life and allow the body to regroup and recover.
It is a privilege to give people the space to just relax and I am always so amazed at the trust people place in the process.
I am hoping that everyone leaves feeling that I have offered them some assistance.