Saturday 13 October 2012

"The Fool"

I have been revisiting my tarot cards with a view to "sit" in the energy of the Major Arcana and allow each card to speak to me on a new and different level.
I begin in the "Fool" I have remained in this energy for about two weeks now.
I have tried to remain open to new inspiration, new adventures, new ideas and thoughts on how live my life.
I realize what a creature of habit I am.
I realize how difficult it is to change and to move from a known course into a new and alternate one.
I have hung on trying to venture into the "unknown"  but find that it is often hard - I know what I want to do but still hold on to old fears that can freeze me from moving forward.
The FOOL moves forward in blind faith at times just with passion and joy in his heart.
I need to practice this more - just to move in faith and joy rather than being critical and over cautious.
I have attended workshops, had a birthday, been open to new work, talked to new people, tried to break an old habit.
I have given the FOOL my best shot but now I think its time to move into the Magician.

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